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How Hurricanes Affect Scrap Metal Prices

The eye of a hurricane from space

Hurricane Season for the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean stretches from the beginning of June until the end of November each year. With it, weather patterns forming over the Atlantic bring in devastating winds and torrential flooding which displaces coastal communities and brings destruction. We’re often left to measure the fury of hurricanes in the Northern-Western hemisphere by the billions of dollars of destruction they bring. Each major hurricane or extreme weather event indeed leaves a lasting imprint on the economy. While numerous studies have been performed on how hurricanes impact wealth in general, some individuals have

Tips for Preparing for Industrial Metal for Recycling

From metal fabrication to industrial plant ownership, cost reduction within many industries continues to be a priority, even when there are booms in the economy overall. At the end of a commercial build or a site clean-up, many manufacturers and associated businesses are utilizing the benefits of recycling metals to reduce costs. The demand for ferrous materials continues to increase in production and manufacturing while the role of non-ferrous metals is playing an increasing role within architectural design due to their lightweight durability. So, when the final job is over how do you get your metals ready for recycling while

What is Non-ferrous Metal?

Aluminum cans waiting for processing at an East TN scrap yard near Knoxville TN.

In our last article we discussed ferrous scrap metal, its properties, and how to recycle it. Which leads us to wonder—what is non-ferrous scrap metal? Whereas ferrous metals like steel are magnetic, contain iron, and are valued for their strength, non-ferrous metals have different qualities and uses. Here we will explore the history of non-ferrous metals, their common uses, and how they can be recycled.

What Metals Does My Local Scrap Yard Recycle?

Scrap metals are important, and often are as important after recycling as they are in their original state. From the soda in your hand to the side of your car, the recycled metals industry makes up a huge portion of the metal used in industry today. Have extra scrap metal lying around from a project, renovation, or new build? You can get paid to bring in certain types of metal instead of taking it to a dump. To learn what type of metals a scrap yard near you takes, keep reading.

Can I Recycle Railroad Metal at a Scrap Metal Yard?

Finding resources and information about scrap law can be a chore. Luckily, as a Tennessee scrap metal recycling company, we have inside information for you to prevent having to spend hours online tracking down useful, correct information about scrap metal laws, regulations, safety information, and other resources. Today, we’ll discuss utility scrap, and what you can and cannot recycle at a metal recycling yard should you find them on your property or otherwise legally come into possession of metals that once belonged to a city or state municipality.

Commercial/Industrial Roll-Off Services

Roane Metals Group in East Tennessee's various roll-off dumpsters for industrial and commercial roll-off services

Manufacturing companies and other organizations that produce business waste are responsible for arranging the collection, treatment, and disposal of their commercial or industrial waste. Just managing your business’s waste can be a full-time job, filled with hassle, headaches, and challenges. Commercial and Industrial roll-off services by third-party metal recycling companies have become a highly attractive option for a business looking to outsource their waste management, as it can completely remove the work associated with planning for transportation and disposal of commercial/industrial scrap metal. Additionally, industrial roll-off services transform the cost center of scrap removal into an additional form of revenue

Earth Day: Repurpose, Reuse, and Recycle Your Scrap Metals!

Scrap metal recycling yard in East Tennessee with a large excavator pulling up scrap metal to move it to another part of the yard.

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd and is recognized by more than 193 countries. On this day, people demonstrate and promote awareness of environmental issues around the globe. We are honoring our planet by writing about sustainability through repurposing, reusing, and recycling scrap metals. As new products continually enter the marketplace and your home, it is crucial that older metal products find a purpose, instead of filling our trash bins and ultimately taking up unnecessary space in landfills. This Earth Day, make it your goal to collect and repurpose, reuse, or recycle your metals. Here is some inspiration

How to Get the Most Out of Your Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrapping metal is a process, and people who bring in metals to be recycled are often paid on the spot, reaping the rewards of their labor. The environment benefits from scrapping, while the ability to generate income is provided which in turn benefits the economy. Some scrappers even recycle metals as a full-time job! Regardless, there is a steady stream of revenue produced whenever recycling metals. Learn how to get the most out of your time and efforts below.